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O U R   S T O R Y


    "and we're sticking to it!"

​Established in 1992.
​Re-established in 2010

Dinky's Dogs & Cones, named after the "dinky little place where it stood and the hot dogs and ice cream that were offered at the time, was established in the summer of 1992.  During our first summer we were open from 11am until 9pm everyday.  We had great fun with classic car cruise nights and a party for every occasion we could think of.  

That fall, as the ice cream business melted away, we started opening for breakfast as well.  As we struggled for more seating space we eventually closed the ice cream store, stopped offering dinners, and added more seating.

We were now Dinky's Restaurant & Cafe'.  

The breakfast business slowly out grew our space and 15 years in we decided to expand.  It took a few years and an act of Congress, but we were finally able to obtain a building permit.  The original expansion plans went back to the drawing board at Silver Street Architects when fortune smiled upon us and we were able to secure the Blue Belle Diner from the Zottoli's up in Princeton, MA.

The vintage Worcester Dining Car would become the focal point of our expansion, which also included plans for a new dining room, kitchen, restrooms, and support areas.  Finally in the fall 2011, we opened the re-established Dinky's Blue Belle Diner to some great reviews from local print and social media.


Who knows, maybe we'll expand again...?   

Well, Guess What?  We did.

UPDATE:  COVID-19 closed us down March 17th.  We thought we'd be back in business within a month or so. While the restaurant was closed, we did some

re-painting, re-decorating and re-arranging. 

Several weeks turned into several months which turned into ½ a year!  With all that time on our hands, it was only prudent to keep on going!  We finally were able to expand into the old Dinky's, which has been completely built out as a new dining area and bar. 

We have now expanded our menu to include more beer, wine, and liquor.  With some popular breakfast cocktails on the menu everyday, we hope to encourage more fine folk to find us and become our new additions to the already super loyal friends we entertain today.   

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